Bulletin Board

Why a e-bulletin board?

Because we are going to be sharing information about community events, local housing opportunities and so much more that it made sense to use an e-bulletin board instead. Plus we have often used bulletin boards at Women' Festivals and other events that we have grown comfortable with using them. Additionally, we want to keep all information private among our members to avoid scammers and haters.  It goes without saying that you should report anything suspicious to us so we can alert the community.                                

Join Lez-B-Neighbors Bulletin Board

Want a  list of local pride festivals that are coming up during 2023 summer months then sign up for up to receive the Lez-B-Neighbors Bulletin Board by email. Don't hesitate to submit potential lesbian friendly events yourself or if you are an lesbian curator wanting to create monthly meet-ups or nearby travel adventure. 

Single Lesbian Living Together 50+

Are you interested in renting a room to a fellow mature lesbian or sharing an condo or apartment?This in not a lesbian dating service, it is a free house sharing listing service within the Lez-B-Neighbors Bulletin Board.  You can either post a room for rent or perhaps you are looking for a place to rent. We will list local rental properties in the area to rent as well. 

Are you looking to buy a home in the greater Madison Heights area?

We will be listing affordably priced local homes for sale and Michigan has down payment assistance programs that may help you to buy home. It is all in the Lez-B-Neighbors Bulletin Board delivered directly to email.