The Single Story Lifestyle is an age friendly housing option for women over 50.

Looking for Affordable Housing Options?

Madison Heights and the surrounding area was chosen partly because they were more affordable than neighboring gay recognized communities like Fabulous Ferndale, Pleasant Ridge, or Royal Oak. The fact is mature lesbians are having difficult time finding affordable suitable one story housing in those areas. So, we focused our effort towards nearby communities that are safe to walk around in and offer plenty of affordable one story housing options to live in. These one story houses are also great for creating investment income for lesbian investors wanting to help provide affordable lesbian housing. This could be either a shared housing for those who want another lesbians to live in their home or several single mature lesbians living together in a rental property. Both of these option have become popular among older women nationwide because they want to lower housing expenses and the real need to be among others like ourselves. In addition, Michigan provides down payment and closing cost assistant for homes that are purchased in this area.  

"Aging-at-home" what is it? How can you become part of it    Back in 2001, a group of senior citizens in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood started the country’s first aging-at-home village. They desired to stay in their homes while also receiving help from their community when they needed it. Furthermore, aging-at-home is by far the most preferred living arrangement for seniors nearing retirement, be mindful that the 10 years before retirement are critical to being ready. Downsizing to a one-story home that better fits your reduced mobility and will minimize falls due to stairs. Locally, counties have grant money available for seniors to make necessary upgrades that will keep your home easily accessible as you age. There is also plenty of in-home care options for seniors wanting to age-at-home.                          

Michigan doesn't tax social security or your pension. And due to the fact that they can't build enough nursing homes for aging boomers, Michigan has also created a state plan to promote aging-at-home or the more government recognized term "aging-in-place."  Also, keep in mind, Lez-b-neighbors will be promoting lesbian centered communities in southeast Michigan to attract mature lesbians to the region and to keep those who presently reside here. 

Age-friendly housing options to consider

There are a number of options related to housing arrangements with an aging in place lesbian communities. Each of the options will obviously offer a different level of involvement and opportunity for the community members living within the home. In some cases, the lesbian residents may choose to live alone or with their spouses or family, but many will find it more appealing to live with a few different mature lesbians. Here are some of the most common options.


Cohousing doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a specific reason for a group of people to live together. Instead, it is most often simply a shared interest in the specific living space. Cohousing does not include shared property ownership. Each individual purchases an apartment, town home, or even a single-family home containing everything that would be deemed normal. The difference is that every resident would be linked to some type of shared space such as a yard, garden, common room, dining area, or kitchen. The intent of this shared space is to offer the community and belonging to the residents that live in close proximity to each other. Ultimately leading residents to have the opportunity to live independently but not alone. It’s an opportunity to have a wonderful tight-knit community with neighbors who are also peers. 

House Sharing

It’s the process of making arrangements to have people live within your home and share it with you. In some cases, this could be a friend, family member, or even a renter. That person or persons who move in will help with expenses, and chores, and sometimes contribute in the form of a relationship.

While this can sometimes be a paid relationship, it’s a symbiotic relationship where the person living in residence with the older adult is granted a free place to live for the help they offer. In many cases, this is a great arrangement to make for both parties’ benefit.

Affordable Rental Properties 

Provides both affordable housing for mature lesbians wanting to live in our local community and an investment opportunity for lesbians wanting to own properties in our lesbian neighborhood.s. Additionally, you can increase your   retirement income without reducing your Social Security check, this is because rental income is considered passive income and thereby doesn't effect your monthly social security check.                                  Active income like wages from a job would reduce your monthly social security check. In fact, for many years seniors moving to Florida would purchase two condos instead of one. They figured out that they could live in one condo and pay the mortgage on both units with the income from renting out the other condo. What a smart financial idea, however, Florida has since made that illegal to do. But you can still buy a home and have as many rentals as you want in Michigan!                                                       Rentals are also a great way to build your retirement savings very quickly, particularly for those who don't have any. I know for most mature lesbians that is a common problem. Our goal is to promote affordable housing options for mature suburban lesbians in our target area of Madison Heights and the surrounding area.