Lez-B-Neighbors in Marvelous Madison Heights, Michigan (and the surrounding area).Lez-B-Good-Neighbors Near & Far, or Wherever You Are   

Lez-b-neighbors in southeast Michigan

Starts out with a couple of lesbians over 50 years old wanting to live closer together by being neighbors, soon after, it becomes a whole neighborhood and before long that turns into a cluster of neighborhoods thereupon establishing a sizable mature suburban lesbian community in Southeast Michigan.

We are focused on active mature lesbians who are either single, widowed, or married wanting to live out there golden years in lesbian centered community of their own making.. Here we will finally fit in or feel like we truly belong, and have an opportunity to create legacy. Yes, we are boomers and we are making our retirement years, our best years yet!  

Lez-b-neighbors near and far or wherever you are

That is right, start in your present city or town. Focus on a certain apartment building, condo or townhouse complex, a given street or neighborhood. Start out small then find other lesbians on social media and begin to create your own homegrown community of fellow lesbians. Lez-b-neighbors no matter where we live, throughout your state, region or country. "You be you", with neighbors like yourself, in the comfort of a community that you truly want to be in. That is my wish for all of you!


Becoming neighbors as lesbians is not a new idea, after all, it has been done in Womontown, Kansas City. Fed up with harassment and housing discrimination, lesbians in 1990s Kansas City dreamed of a place where they could "walk hand in hand, freely down the streets." So they created Womontown. The radical enclave encompassed 12 city blocks and attracted women from all over the U.S. It was more than a place to live, Womontown hosted potlucks, musical performances, and porch gatherings.. They had a newsletter that spotlighted lesbians activities like bowling or movie night, baby showers, gardening, crafts, backyard BBQ, and restaurant outings.

Lez-b-willing to focus on ourselves 

Today, we still face similar problems and there is a real need for us to work together to establish the kind of community we want to live in. Focused on us and our unique needs as mature lesbians., we don't want the same thing as young lesbians want, or even what rural lesbians want, therefore, our marketing niche is "mature suburban lesbians". We are in our pre-retirement years after age 50 and we can agree that we don't want to be living alone as we get older, we want to be with like-minded mature lesbians from our own community. That's why Patty May decided to create Lez-B-Neighbors website, in order to help pioneer an affordable self-planned community for lesbians-especially mature lesbians-who want to grow old together on their own terms.  

Lez-b-part of the solution to providing affordable housing opportunities for mature lesbians.

If we own the rental properties in our neighborhoods, than we can of coarse insure that we have affordable rental properties for mature lesbians, even with modest incomes. They won't have to worry about skyrocketing rents that have been occurring in neighboring cities which is driving us out of those areas. We can establish our own Lesbian Homeowners Association to connect with other lesbian homeowners and a local Lesbian Real Estate Investment Club to champion lesbian housing objectives.

Reinvesting in our own self-planned community will allow us to capitalize on the real estate in our soon-to-be lesbian haven. Furthermore, it will expand as it becomes popular among suburban mature lesbians wanting a lesbian centered community option. That is exactly what is happening all around the country, lesbian friendly cities Provincetown or Northampton [nicknamed "Lesbianville"} are growing in popularity because of lesbians wanting to be part of a bigger lesbian community. Our gay male counterparts have made millions in rental property investments that enabled to buy bars, restaurants, and homes in expensive neighborhoods because they saw the value of re-investing in a gay community. 

Lez-b-generating passive income while on social security.

Increase your retirement income without reducing your Social Security check. Because rental income is considered passive income and thereby doesn't effect your monthly social security check. Active income like wages from a job would reduce your monthly social security check. In fact, for many years seniors moving to Florida would purchase two condos instead of one. They figured out that they could live in one condo and pay the mortgage on both units with the income from renting out the second condo. Smart, however, Florida has since made that illegal to do. But not in Michigan, that won't be a problem.! Rentals are also a great way to build your retirement savings very quickly, particularly for those who don't have any. I know for most mature lesbians that is a common problem,. Our goal is to promote affordable housing options for mature suburban lesbians in our target area of Madison Heights and the surrounding area. While we can't cover everything on this website, therefore, If you have questions or want more information please sign up for our e-newsletter.




We are creating a home grown community in our own backyard, a pleasant suburban neighborhood where we can grow old at home. My parents did just that. In addition to remodeling my parents home for them I also became their live in caregiver. They were able to live out there golden years in the comfort of their own home. Today they call that "aging in place." What is aging in place? The term refers to the ability of older adults to live in their homes and communities safely, independently and comfortably regardless of their age, income or abilities.

Aging-at-home is the preferred way to retire for older lesbians because they can:

Proper planning can go a long way in helping lesbians over 50 take charge of where they live in their retirement. Lez-B-Neighbors is about encouraging mature lesbians to create their own community and become neighbors.. Aging at home is how most lesbians envision living out their retirement. Living in their own home, older lesbians can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in a place they already know and love. 

Re-imagine our lives with lesbian neighbors

Target a specific neighborhood, town, apartment building, condo or townhouse to serve as your age friendly lesbian haven. Which is exactly what we are doing with marvelous Madison Heights and the surrounding area. Presently, Madison Heights like any town you'll find today, isn't perfect. After all heterosexuals make their communities in their own image. Its no wonder we don't feel like we fit in, but, we can make a conscious effort to remake our lives and communities with lesbians in mind. Contribute your time to making those lasting changes that will bring us closer and enhances our lives.